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If you’re looking for something small, portable, yet verbose, crisp and clear the Peavey Audio Performer Pack PA system is the way to go. This package includes two speakers, two speaker stands, two mics, a PVi 4B head mixer, and the cables to connect each.

First, let’s break this thing down.

The speakers:
The PVi 10 10" speakers are rugged yet lightweight. They are carpet covered with a nice handle at the top and a full length steel grill on the front. They allow for 50 continuous watts of power using a ¼" TRS jack to link to an amplifier.

The microphones:
The PVi 100 are a very well-built, weighted, cardioid microphone that is great for all uses. It is very similar to the Sure-sm58 in build and sound quality but with a much lower price point.

You will need stands and possibly windscreens for these microphones. This package doesn’t come with them.

The Amp/mixer:
The PVi 4B is a 100 watt 4 channel mixer amplifier that is built for easy use and portability in mind. It features 4 XLR/TRS inputs with three distinct controls for each. Equipped with a three-band equalizer and two TRS outputs for speakers, this is an excellent yet straightforward device.

Let’s break each section down.
On the front panel you will find 4 XLR/TRS input channels each with three different control knobs. The first is level control. This allows you to adjust the amount of signal that is sent to the master mix bus. This is most useful when connecting a device with its own volume control.

The next dial is for tone control. The option for individual tone control allows you to adjust the frequency around 3000mhz, what is most commonly known as the mid equalization. The 15 decibel gain or cut will adjust the presence of each input device.

The third knob is reverb control. Again, this individual knob allows you to adjust the amount of reverbization sent to the main bus.

On to the master controls.
The master level knob controls the overall volume level of the entire amplifier. Typical operation is between 4 and 8. The master reverb knob controls the overall level of Reverb that is added back to the mix. The tape volume knob controls the input volume from the RCA jacks on the back side. This is where an mp3 player or phone would plug in, with the right cable, of course.

The master EQ knobs adjusts the whole equalization of the master mix. Be sure to get these set before a performance. And the power switch, well, does just that. A blue LED will illuminate when powered on.

Around the back you will find an AC jack made for a standard IEC cable (included). Up next is the speaker outputs. These are rated between 4 and 8 ohms of output. The chosen speakers must fall within these guidelines. Connect each with a ¼" speaker cable (again, included).

From here you will find the ¼" Line out jack. This is for sending the main signal to an external amp, larger PA system, or another mixing board. The Tape out RCA jacks are for sending a pre-master section mix to an external recording device or other desired component. This means that the signal will be without any reverb or equalization and no input from the tape in jacks; basically, a raw form of captured audio. And then there are the tape in jacks, which are referenced above.

My thoughts
For the price-point, the Peavey Audio Performer Pack PA system is an excellent sounding system. Keep in mind that this is built for smaller venues and events, so don’t expect this to resonate or work for a full band. However, combined with a subwoofer, this is a great system for dj’s and smaller performances.

For those who have just about any issues relating to exactly where as well as the best way to work with tape recorder, you are able to e-mail us at our own page.
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